Document Management

Document management controls the life cycle of documents in your organization — how they are created, reviewed, published, and utilized, and how they are ultimately discarded or retained. The tools you use for document management should be flexible enough to control the document life cycle in a way that fits your organization’s culture and goals.

Agile Group creates well-designed document management systems that promote finding and sharing information easily. These systems organize content in a logical way, and make it easy to standardize content creation and presentation across an enterprise.

Document Management Clients

  • United States Army Corps of Engineers
    • Headquarters, Washington D.C.
    • Fort Worth District
  • Michael Baker Corporation
  • Department of Homeland Security
  • US Customs & Border Protection

Highlights of Our Approach

  • Enable an organizational system to easily create, develop, track and finalize various document types with a cradle-to-grave approach.
  • Establish intuitive and user friendly naming systems, tracking features and search capabilities.
  • Implement the use of metadata, InfoPath forms and SharePoint portals to maintain highly effective document management repositories.