United States Army
Corps of Engineers



  • Training – acts the sole contractor trainer for the USACE Program and Project Management (PPM) Community, provides 15 courses, within 110 sessions to 2,000 students worldwide, yearly.
  • Helpdesk – performs as Tier 1 helpdesk function for all Program and Project management related automated information systems. Providing service desk support to nearly 8,000 users.
  • BOSS – provided comprehensive business intelligence program designed to assist users worldwide with SAP BusinessObjects™ report design and development.
  • Performance Dashboard – created and maintained, provides Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) using Fusion Charts. Real time statistics regarding project and team performance available 2/47, 365, via the internet and mobile devices.


  • Process mapping and improvement – identified and captured as-is process state. Leveraged Lean Six Sigma methodologies to improve process to a sound to-be state. Efficiencies and quality embedded in all process and standard operating procedures.
  • Lean Six Sigma – analyzed and improved all as-is processes to a to-be state using established LLS methodologies.
  • Automated Information System – captured system requirements, design, developed, and deployed, a state of the art SharePoint solution for project initiatives and tracking.


Fort Worth

  • Border Fence – embedded as an integral member within a diverse team of subject matter experts, that delivered logistics, data analytics, and project management and controls services, for the PF (pedestrian fence) 225, and VF (vehicle fence) 300 projects along the south United States border.


  • Project Scheduling – provided subject matter experts that collaborate with the onsite customer to provide comprehensive master scheduling services using Primavera. Provide quality assurance and risk management expertise throughout all project deliverables.


  • Project Scheduling & Report Development – provided scheduling, report design and development, financial analysis, and earned value management services for a diverse operations and maintenance program.


  • Performance Dashboard – envisioned, created, and deploy an online wholly comprehensive project tracking solution. Custom coding to product one-page statusing sheets, complete with automated scheduling and cost information, and ad-hoc project management narratives.

Customs and Border Protection



  • Executive Services – facilitating over two hundred meetings a month for a large CBP office, as well as directly provided support for senior CBP leadership to prioritize tasks and monitor program risks.
  • Communication Strategy – delivered a strategic communication plan and on-going communication services to a CBP program management office to formalize lines of communication, standardize branch responses and align organizational priorities. Developed a comprehensive marketing campaign to improve attendance for USACE project management training ⎯ increasing attendance 16% annually after its implementation.
  • Financial Management – developed all planning and programming requirements and justifications for Resource Allocation Plan (RAP), Capital Facilities Investment Plan (CFIP), etc. for four multi-billion-dollar CBP programs. Built in-depth wholly comprehensive business cases to satisfy DHS and federal reporting requirement such as the OMB Exhibit 300 and monthly DHS invest submissions.



  • Task Management – managing tasks through the complete CBP project life cycle. Involves planning, testing, tracking, and reporting. Supporting individuals to achieve programmatic goals, and integrated project teams, to collaborate and share knowledge for the accomplishment of collective goals.

US Department of

Louisiana DOT

  • Customized SharePoint Portal – created SharePoint lists based on information provided by client and end users. Created a methodology for performing calculations that used the correct level of precision in formulas (using the precision displayed in the fields rather than full precision) in InfoPath. Utilized standardized form templates to ensure continued accuracy and systematic project delivery team implementation.