Agile Group created training materials and course outlines, and materials were formatted ensure consistency through all 25 courses. Each section contained end-of-chapter quizzes.

Course Catalog

A Training Course Catalog was the foundation for all course offerings. It provided a matrix of role-based offerings, the delivery method, and complete course descriptions.


Using vetted materials, Agile Group instructors used SMEs and hands-on experience to deliver courses. Case studies and anecdotal examples were leveraged to maximize learning absorption.

Portal Development & Maintenance

We designed, deployed, and maintained the program’s portal as a repository for program and project training. Content was adapted to include scheduled training, registration, and all approved training materials.

​Agile Group developed a comprehensive Training Plan for the US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), outlining goals and objectives for the creation of a program designed to deliver instruction to students worldwide. Elements of the plan included adherence to rules and regulations, role-based instruction, grade level certifications, timing of course deployment and make-up of material sections. The plan was reviewed and approved by executive level staff and considered the training doctrine for nearly a decade.

As part of our portal development, we created a centralized web-based location for professionals to collaborate and share information securely, and post documentation to increase transparency and communication.

We retain a deep relationship working with U.S. Federal Government, including Customs and Border Protection and USACE.

Designed & executed comprehensive training plan

Delivered instruction in multiple methods

Designed course catalog

Created course materials

Designed & deployed training portal

Created complete course outlines