Ticket Handling

We provide a process, knowledge database and complete system for managing tickets at your organization’s help desk.


Help desk specialists are certified by the Help Desk Institute, and thoroughly trained to address situations in and out of captured solutions.

Solutions Development

Our team has experience crafting hundreds of knowledge-based solutions to create help desk instructions and scripts.

Performance Management

Complete help desk performance statistics are captured, reported, and available in real time for for an accurate view of performance.

Whether it’s for your internal organization or the people you serve, customer support can make or break a business’ success. An effective help desk is a necessity to successfully manage and resolve issues and keep business growth moving forward.

Agile Group has built complete custom help desk solutions, covering every aspect from designing solutions databases and scripts to providing specialist training, ticket management and complete performance tracking and reporting.

Research and resolve issues/inquiries daily

Escalate issues as necessary, follow up

Communicate with client representatives and customers

Document all inquiry activities in standardized performance dashboard reporting system

Respond to inquiries using professional communication skills